Where are you based?

We are based in London, but are available to record in any UK venue, or outside the UK by arrangement.


How much does it cost? 

Costs vary according to the size of the project, location, and type of ensemble. Daily rates for recording and production start at £300; editing is £150 per day; so the cost for a complete CD is often under £1500 – but we will provide you with an all-inclusive quotation for the project. You can view our current fees guide here.


Is the venue included? 

No, you would need to arrange the venue hire, although we can advise and suggest possibilities. Remember that with suitable post-production (provided by us), good recordings can now be made in a wide range of spaces – contact us for advice!


Is CD production included? 

No, we do not operate a CD label – we provide the soundfiles and/or CD master image to you or to the CD label of your choice. We can advise on options and will liaise directly with the label on technical matters.


What does the quoted price include? 

The price includes a recording engineer and (usually) a producer for your recording sessions, followed by editing and post-production to soundfiles to the specification required. This includes up to three rounds of edits, which will be provided to you for comment at each stage, so that we can get a final product that you are happy with. Recording and editing only (if you are providing a producer), and live recording arrangements are also available – please contact us for details.


What is not included in the price? 

The price does not include the venue, CD manufacturing, artwork, or distribution – although we can advise on possibilities for all of these. It also does not include additional recording sessions beyond the anticipated number, or further editing beyond the three that are included. Overruns are rare, and we will let you know in advance the cost of an extra session or edit. (But we’ll do some final minor tweaks for free!)


How long does it take? 

Generally, a CD’s worth of material can be recorded over three full days, but of course this varies with the size of the ensemble, the repertoire, and the venue (for example, if a venue is susceptible to external noise, the recording might take longer). We will then normally provide the first edits within three weeks. We can also do smaller or larger projects, or projects where the sessions are spread out or in different locations –  contact us for details.

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