Professional live recording

Live recordings of classical concerts often suffer from a distant, coloured sound, background and audience noise, narrow stereo image, and a lack of clarity, presence, depth and spaciousness. We can record your live concert to a sound quality comparable to that found on commercial recordings. Fees depend on location, concert duration and type of ensemble, but will usually be less than £100.

Options range from a high-quality document of the concert to a multi-track recording that allows for additional clarity and presence, as well as balance adjustments – of course, this entails more microphones, but these will be placed as discreetly as possible while still capturing a good sound. We can also record rehearsals or a patch session and edit these into the live recording as required.

Below are some examples of our live recording.

François Couperin – Motet pour le jour de Pâques

Juliet Fraser and Amy Wood (sopranos), James McVinnie (chamber organ).

Recorded at St Mary-at-Hill, London on 23 March 2018.

Georg Philipp Telemann – Fantasia No. 7 TWV 40:20

Darragh Morgan (violin)

Recorded at the Church of the Ascension, Plumstead, London on 23 September 2018.

Jean-Marie LeclairDeuxième récréation de musique, Op.8 – Chaconne

Flauguissimo Ensemble

Recorded at the Church of the Ascension, Plumstead, London on 21 October 2018.

Yu-Wei Hu - baroque flute

Boris Bizjak - baroque flute

Johan Löfving - theorbo

Masumi Yamamoto - harpsichord

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